Tai Chi Basics Workshops

We have 3 kinds of workshops where students will learn enough Tai Chi fundamentals and moves to do the Basic 25 steps on their own, guided by an instructional practice DVD that they will take home.
• 2 Full Days Workshop (4hr/day)
• 1 Full Day Workshop (6 hours with 1 hr break for lunch)
• 1.5 Lecture/Demo Workshop
Nothing beats attending a class, of course, but for schedule-challenged or commute-challenged students, these compact workshops will launch the mind/body exercise because SOME Tai Chi is better than NO Tai Chi at all, further delaying its benefits.

Workshops are offered by health or community organizations, or can be arranged privately through me with a minimum of 8 students/maximum 15 students in an open space big enough to accommodate all participants  with arms stretched out on both sides. For more details and fees please contact me.

See Archives Page for previous workshops.

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