Ron and Haruko say:

We were fortunate to begin our Tai Chi classes with Elliotte, who is both patient and informative in her method of teaching. We learned not only the proper techniques but the underlying philosophy necessary to be a true student of Tai Chi. She conveys her father Master Peng’s legacy of “World Peace through World Wellness.” Tai Chi is a low-impact, self-paced, stress-reduction exercise which we find we can do regardless of our age and physical ability.

Peggy says:

Before I took Tai Chi I had fallen more times than I can count. In two falls I landed on my hip and had a huge hematoma. I went  to physical therapy, exercise classes,  but there was no improvement in my hip or back. After taking Tai Chi, I noticed a change in my balance and I now have no pain in my hip whatsoever. This was the greatest gift I have ever been given in my life. I just turned 60 years old.

Genella says:

You really have to experience the feeling yourself — no one can describe what Tai Chi does for you. Through Tai Chi meditation I can actually relax myself  within 15 minutes or so. The benefits of Tai Chi are really endless for me. I only hope more people will realize how our bodies are capable of changing given the proper direction.

David says:

It’s the Qi. It’s all about the Qi. You can feel it!

Helen says:

When I first came to class I didn’t know what to expect. What a surprise I was in for! Elliotte took time to give me the extra help I needed, not only to learn Tai Chi, but to understand the true meaning of “Qi” itself. I have Parkinson’s, and nobody can believe it! I know the exercise has worked its wonder. I’m pleased and grateful.

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