What are the classes like?
The class is 45 minutes to 1 hour long, with 8 classes in a full session. They are based on the popular Yang Style. There are 25 basic movements in the Foundation Class, expanding to 85 total movements in the Intermediate and Advanced Classes. The steps are simple and easy, taught in continuous cycles, so that the students can plug in, and pace their learning throughout the experience.
What class should I take?
All students should begin with the Foundation Class. According to many Tai Chi practitioners, these 25 basic movements are essentially the heart of the exercise. Doing one set 4 times can achieve the same results as doing the entire set of 85 moves. But the more ambitious student will want to explore the other intriguing patterns.
How do I select a teacher?
This is a very important question, as many students have quit their Tai Chi pursuit because of the teacher. To this quandary, we hold the instructor entirely responsible for the student’s progress! The unenlightened teacher may grumble that the student is slow or uncooperative, but it nevertheless is still his responsibility. If you are not learning anything from the class, keep searching until you find a teacher with whom you resonate.
Where can I take classes?
With its increasing popularity, the formerly esoteric exercise of Tai Chi is now offered in many places – at Parks & Recreation programs, hospitals, schools and corporate settings. Contact me or look at UPCOMING for a list of classes currently available.
What if I don’t like it?
Try it, you’ll like it. Come visit a class. We do encourage our students to finish the Basic 25 moves before making a judgement. It is the resulting benefits that bring them back, keep them practicing. Look for the right class and the right teacher.* Then YOU be the judge.
What are Common Misconceptions about Tai Chi?
This is a great place to discuss what Tai Chi is not, so that we can clearly assess the value of what Tai Chi is !

1. I don’t like that Kung Fu fighting stuff….
Although Tai Chi is a form of martial arts, it is essentially an exercise, – it is energy work. It builds a stronger, healthier body; it enhances balance, mindful movements and breathing. You definitely will be a stronger and healthier fighter, but we’d rather you don’t fight.

2. Tai Chi is for old people….
You see hundreds of ‘old folks’ doing Tai Chi in the parks. What you don’t see are hundreds of younger folks practicing it in the studios, at home, in corporate settings. The benefits are a healthier body, sounder mind, better balance, and stress reduction. Are these benefits for old people only?

3. I already do yoga, pilates, tennis….
Tai Chi complements and supplements other types of exercises. It is an energizer and a relaxant, often referred to as “Meditation in Motion.” After you have limbered up, stretched out, sweated through all those disciplines, why not cool down or rev up with Tai Chi.

4. I’m too busy….
Can’t fit another class or activity in that jam packed schedule of yours!? Doctors recommend 20 minutes of continuous exercises every day to stay healthy. The Tai Chi Basics (25 moves) take 3.5 minutes. The full set for intermediate and advanced students (85 moves) takes 7.5 minutes. Do them a few times, or several times, whenever it is needed, and you will have followed the doctor’s order! Once you learn the set, take it along with you on your busy day. You do not need a special place, attire or equipment to do Tai Chi. Just a little willingness.

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