LECTURE – a fascinating One-Hour talk on the origin and modern day value of this ancient martial arts exercise. Learn why the ‘esoteric’ form has been practiced in the East by millions for centuries, and then, strangely enough, ignored by the West for centuries! Until recently, of course, when the concept of ‘energy medicine’ generated enough interest to open Western minds to the cultural-free benefits of Tai Chi.

LECTURE/DEMO – Nothing is more effective than experiential learning. Engaging several of the senses, the student hears the lectures, sees the steps demonstrated, then kinesthetically moves through the form. In this 1.5 hour lecture/demo, participants benefit from the actual exercise itself while learning about its origin, efficacy, and social /historical/medicinal developments.

DEMONSTRATIONS – Tai Chi is learned by observing… then by doing! There are occasions when the form is simply displayed for an audience. We do demonstrations at exhibitions, health fairs, and stage performances. Although the slow moving ‘shadow boxing,’ as Tai Chi is sometimes called, has certainly been in the shadows of the more theatrical kungfu forms, it is important to show cause and design to SLOW DOWN the harried, stressed out practitioners of today. Nature has its own pace and the movements reflect it. Check our updates for scheduled demos. Please feel welcome to discuss how we can participate in  your wellness or fitness events.

For a list of upcoming lectures, see UPCOMING. For more details and fees please contact me.

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