For Workplace

Tai Chi is a wonderful way to bring wellness to the workplace, where a majority of our waking hours are spent. The exercise is easy and convenient;  it does not require athletic facilities, equipment, uniform, or mats. The drop in absenteeism and costs related to illnesses, injuries and stress, has won Tai Chi its place in corporate health programs. Our Basic 8-class Program is recommended, where participants gather once a week for a 45 min -1 hour class. Participants learn the basic 25 moves and fundamentals such as breathing, balance, and relaxation. Companies have found that the time employees spend in building this body/mind connection proves to be a healthy investment in your work force who operate in stressful and sedentary conditions.  Because those conditions will not disappear from our competitive, desk-bound work environment, we need supportive classes to maintain the Tai Chi routine that promotes ongoing health. We can design a ‘Qi-filled’ program for your company!

Classes can be held almost anywhere. Think outside the corporate box. Here we have a Silicon Valley company taking advantage of California’s great outdoor.

CLASS OPTIONS for the Corporate Environment:

• Tai Chi Meditation/Exercise – 45 minutes of guided exercise, fine tuning moves, and ‘Qi’ work. (8-class sessions or ongoing weekly meetings) This is a good followup class for those who took the Foundation class, mastering the Basic 1-25 moves. It is ideal for those who don’t want to learn any more moves. They just want to relax, go through moves gathering the “qi” and with the steps gently called out.

• Tai Chi for Fitness (Foundation Class) – 45 minutes of learning the Basic 1-25 moves. This is the detailed, instructional set of moves. It repeats in 8-class cycles, so that students can ‘plug ‘n play,’ come in where they left off, or need to. This is ideal for a solid introduction to Tai Chi, and then as an on-going program for a steady influx of new students, and old students who like the details and fine tuning.

• Tai Chi for Fitness (Intermediate/Advanced Classes) – 45 minutes of learning Steps 26-85. This is the detailed, instructional set of moves continuing on to the complete 85 moves in the popular Yang Style form. This is ideal for students who have taken the Foundation class and are eager to explore the other moves. NOTE: The advanced moves will be more intricate, but still gentle. (8-class sessions in progressive levels, according to group ability)

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