"Qi is everything and everywhere: the primordial energy that creates life."

For ONLINE Classes (especially during SIP)

Hello Tai Chi Community!
There is an old Chinese saying: “Instead of cursing the darkness, let us try lighting a candle.”
We have developed ONLINE Tai Chi classes for what may be the an indefinite period of quarantine.
We beta-tested it with a handful of you and received valuable feedback so we’re ready to extend it to a BIGGER group and the following three classes are now available.

1) INTRO to Online Tai Chi Wellness – MONDAYS 10am-11am on Zoom
My First ONLINE Tai Chi Class!
This is an introductory class where we will address the “Elephant in the Room” – I’m safely, cooperatively practicing Shelter-in-Place but I have a life…I need to move…I want to exercise…. I want to learn Tai Chi…I want to join a Tai Chi community!
In this one hour session, a good portion will be spent getting you settled and savvy with technology because it is online. It can be tedious, even boring, but we’re on a mission to solve a never-encountered dilemma together. As much as I have tried pulling students AWAY from the computer (we called it “digital detoxing”) I am recognizing this modern tool to be the hero…for the moment.
This is your virtual classroom:
Your space…my space. And …the COMPUTER.
1) Student’s space for Tai Chi Basics require approx 3 sqft. around you. Arms length on both sides.
2) Teacher’s space – also 3 ft square.
3) Audio/Visual limitations – images will be small on a computer, bigger on a TV screen, and oh-oh tiny on a cellphone.
The curriculum: Basic movements (Breath work, QiGong, Hand/Feet positions, the Walk, Step# 1-13)

2) Online Tai Chi Wellness Level 1 – THURSDAYS 10am-11am on Zoom
My ONLINE Tai Chi Class continues….
This is a follow up class where students have figured out their space & location to do the exercise (i.e. they can see the Teacher on the computer screen and themselves).
We are beyond the introductory level, but still safely, cooperatively Shelter-in-Place. You discover you need to move…you want to exercise…. you love Tai Chi…you miss your Tai Chi community!
We will continue to focus on the Basics (Step# 1-25). We’ll go back to Square One, but with a deeper dive – gain a better understanding and appreciation for each step, their sequence. And the curriculum’s learner friendly, student centric design.
This is your virtual classroom:
Same virtual classroom. Your space…my space. And …the COMPUTER.
1) Students space for the Basic movements (Step 1-25) 4sqft
2) Teachers space – also 4sqft
3) Audio/Visual limitations – images will be small on a computer, better on a big screen TV, and oh-oh even tinier on a cellphone.
The curriculum: Basic Steps 1-25
These are the steps and movements you will learn or have learned at our IN-PERSON classes but the difference is its ONLINE format. Your Teacher has shrunk in size visually, but hopefully not in stature! She continues to be your caring, wise Sensei or Sifu. Be patient with the virtual classroom’s limitations. Be comforted in knowing the “Qi” the primordial energy is IN you, and you can harness its powers wherever you are! Yes, you miss your Tai Chi family but your Qi is with you!

3) Online Tai Chi Wellness Level 2 – FRIDAYS 10am-11am on Zoom
My Ongoing ONLINE Tai Chi Class gets more challenging and healthier!
This is an ongoing class where students are ready to venture OUTSIDE their physical confinement by mentally, cleverly moving with their minds and spirit. Orientation and Strategy truly come into play.
This is your virtual classroom:
It’s still the same virtual classroom. Do you need to adjust your space? And remember…the COMPUTER.
1) Students space for the Steps#1-25…50+ (4sqft PLUS* creative adjustments)
2) Teachers space – also 4sqft PLUS*
3) Audio/Visual limitations – images will be small on a computer, bigger on a TV screen, and oh-oh maybe exercise by sound, audio cues on a cellphone.
The curriculum: Basic Steps 1-25 and BEYOND
*Students who have been in In-Person Intermediate and Advanced classes know that they need 25ft to do Repulse the Monkey, Waving Cloud Hands, etc but let’s agree to do this class academically in our small quarters, then promise to do the moves experientially when the physical space is safely available. I have one student who verified she can get 5 sets of Monkeys on her sidewalk!

We are going to conduct the classes on the popular conference call program called Zoom. You don’t need to have the App. You can access it through your browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), but the host (me) will purchase its extended version permitting more than 40 minutes, because a one hour class along with a half hour before and after for tech set up and Q&A are needed. I will provide the links to the sessions*, which you will keep confidentially away from hackers. Feel free to ‘wander’ into the classroom before 10am to familiarize yourself with the bells and whistles of Zoom. Again, prepare to spend some time on the technology portion along with the Tai Chi exercise. Think of it as the Mind portion of your Body/Mind/Spirit curriculum.

*Email Instructor at elliottemao@hotmail.com for the Zoom links.

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