Elliotte Mao is a Tai Chi Chuan Instructor, a Reiki and Qigong practitioner, a consultant and lecturer for Nikken – World’s Leading Total Wellness Research and Development company. She has over 20 years of experience teaching Tai Chi and other health modalities. Inspired by the body, mind and spirit benefits from Tai Chi, she is expanding her classes to all age groups, going beyond the classroom to corporate offices, hospitals, senior centers and television. For classes or more information, please contact her. For information on natural solutions to wellness, visit her website @

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  1. I was introduced to tai chi by a friend. I must say that I did not really know much about it before this. He told me that it had helped him no end in controlling his depression. His name is John and he has many issues in his life which not only affect his self-confidence but also makes him very depressed at times. John has been attending tai chi classes for nearly two years and has seemingly become a new man. For whatever reason he did not tell people about what he was doing. On a night out I mentioned to him that he had been a lot happier in the recent months. This is when he talked to me about tai chi. He also asked if I would like to attend the classes with him, which I duly agreed to. I am very glad that we had this conversation as I can also quite easily spiral into a state of depression..

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    1. Many of us have what is called “stuck energy” in us, which may be unpleasant or unhealthy embedded emotions. Those emotions can come from disappointments, frustrations, fears, childhood trauma. We think they have gone away, when in fact, they are subconsciously stored, constantly casting a shadow or doubts on everything we do. When we allow the Qi to flow through the body, it flushes out these negative energies. Tai Chi is one of the most effective Qi generator and transmitter. I am not surprised John felt happier with the removal of energies that do not support his well-being.

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